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Level out monthly bills with the Budget Payment Plan

The Budget Payment Plan makes budgeting for your bill easy by allowing you to make equal monthly payments. To determine your Budget Payment amount, we estimate your annual gas consumption, using actual usage history when available, and divide that amount into equal monthly installments. Then, we track your actual gas usage and make adjustments as necessary through the year (see our Budget Payment Brochure).

How the plan works

  • Available to all residential customers who meet the program criteria.To calculate your payment amount, we total your previous 12 months of energy use and average that into even payments.
  • Budget payments must be made each month. Missing payments may result in removal from the Budget Payment Plan, at which time the full balance will become due.
  • Your Budget Payment amount will be reviewed periodically to make sure your account balance will be as close to zero as possible at the end of the year. It may be adjusted due to weather, price fluctuations or consumption changes.

Automatic Pay customers

  • If you are currently on the Automatic Payment Plan, starting Budget Payment is as easy as giving us a call, 1-888-522-1130.With Budget Payment the same amount can be debited from your financial institution each month.
  • You will still receive your bill each month showing your natural gas usage and the balance of your account.

Start Budget Payment today

  • You may join anytime during the year.There is nothing to sign and no charge for the program.
  • Balances that accrue are carried without interest charges.
  • Your participation is strictly voluntary and can be terminated at any time without penalty.
  • Just call our customer service toll-free number at 1-888-522-1130 or email us and a representative will get you started.
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